Our Mission

The Chardon Healing Fund (CHF) serves as a leader of community collaborations and as a conduit of support from many generous businesses, individuals and organizations to the families and community directly impacted by the profound events at Chardon High School that occurred on February 27, 2012.


To facilitate the long term recovery and healing of the community from the profound events at Chardon High School, we commit to the following:

• first and foremost, to address the immediate needs of the families directly impacted by the event effectively, and
• to foster the on-going emotional and physical well-being of the students and staff of the Chardon Local Schools and the greater community.

The Chardon Healing Fund is committed to support the immediate and long term recovery and healing of the larger Chardon community. This will involve enhanced collaboration and cooperation in achieving the best possible level of outcome for the community. CHF commits to the following:

•100% of the funds collected will be directed to meet the charitable vision and mission of the CHF.
•All members of the Advisory Board will serve as volunteers.
•Full transparency and accountability while respecting the confidentiality of donors, families and other recipients.
•Encouraging all existing groups with aligned objectives to collaborate with the CHF in accomplishing our mission.
•Gathering and evaluating all pertinent information in order to optimally allocate the resources entrusted to our care.

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